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Online sales and marketing training for the vacation rental industry.
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Looking to learn exactly what is involved with renting your property short term? Perhaps you've been doing it for a while and are looking for some help to maximize revenue? Have lots of experience but want to learn more from people who have done high volumes for years?

With our combined knowledge, we can get you on the right track. Let us help you create efficient policies, let us help you fill your calendar, let us help you take your vacation rental to the next level!

Vacation Rental Management

Tap into the 50 years of combined experience of industry leaders and learn the shortcuts to success. Use these proven ideas to maximize your property�s potential and achieve financial success.

Internet Presence

The difference between success and failure in this marketplace is simply how effective your website brings you business. It's simple, you need a website that is highly visible that converts mild interest into inquiries. Our courses will help you help you easily understand what you should be doing with your website and how best to achieve your success using the internet to it's fullest potential.

Maximizing Return

Maximizing your return in the Vacation Rental business requires you to have your property booked for as many days and weeks as you can handle. You must also work to avoiding cancellations, especially last minute. Learn the secrets to capitalizing on every step in the process, from marketing your property, to booking inquiries and cultivating repeat business.

Accepting Payments

There are many payment processors and many payment possibilities, wading through the selection can be a daunting task. We can help you by teaching you how to set up effective policies, how to take and retain your deposits and how to ensure that your guests are who they say they are, reducing your fraud risk to essentially null.

Check-in and Cleaning Services

Now that your calendar is full, how do you best manage your arriving and departing guests and prepare your property to achieve the "wow" that you would like your guests to experience. Our courses will assist you in better understanding the guest, the process and most importantly, how easy it can be to manage a full calendar.

Policies and Procedures

Having rock solid policies and procedures are the difference between having a successful vacation rental free from issues and, well, not. After years of experience running vacation rentals we have created detailed lists and amassed information on what the best and most efficient policies and procedures are for running a vacation rental and we are going to share that valuable information with you.


Vacation Rental Training is comprised of 3 principals who together have developed millions of dollars of business in both the vacation rental industry and elsewhere.

  • 2005

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Eric and Blake of VRT began working together at EMR Vacation Rentals.

  • March 2008

    Kevin Joins

    Kevin is hired and is successful in increasing closing rates on sales leading up to the Olympics in Vancouver.

  • Summer 2012

    Focus on markets

    Eric leaves EMR to focus on more efficient internet market development.

  • Summer 2015

    The idea is born

    Kevin, Blake and Eric meet and realize that we collectively have a wealth of knowledge that we should be sharing with the world and Vacation Rental Training is born.

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We'd like to offer you some simple but effective tricks to improving your business. Feel free to take advantage of the complementary information offered here.

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Our Amazing Team

Combining 30+ years of experience in the Vacation Rental and Business Training industries, the principals of VRT have everything you need to create a successful cash flow from your vacation rental.

Kevin Neufeld

Kevin Neufeld

Business Trainer

Kevin is a veteran sales professional with over 25 years experience in direct selling, sales management and consulting. His experience in high tech started with ACD Systems, a highly successful digital imaging software company. As the director of channel sales at ACD Kevin was responsible for growing all offline sales channels. He managed a team of high performers that spanned the globe. Channels included Retail, VARs, Direct sale B2B, Europe Asia, OEM, as well as Customer Service worldwide. During that time he has also ran a successful consulting practice helping set up strategies and sales process for companies in the financial services and insurance industries. As an Olympic Gold Medalist he has taken the same drive, dedication and competitiveness that saw him excel in rowing and channel it into improving sales and service results. Kevin's unique outlook on the service side of selling inspires his team to maximize sales results while delivering exemplary customer service.

Blake Mackenzie

Blake Mackenzie

Vacation Rental Manager

Blake MacKenzie has over 20 years working in various fields within the tourism industry. Blake's experiences include, developing and marketing heritage and cultural tourism attractions, providing leadership and vision while working within tourism marketing boards, consulting and sales with tech start-ups, and currently is the general manager and president of a British Columbia based vacation rental company and has worked within the vacation rental management industry for 12 years.

Eric Hughes

Web Marketer

Eric has been marketing web sites since the inception of the internet and is responsible for millions of visitors finding his client's sites. In 2000, Eric started working with vacation rental companies, helping them to redesign, re-brand and re-market their internet sites into traffic generators thereby increasing their business and profits to a whole new level. By 2004 Eric had started a vacation rental management company of his own which he is still involved in marketing to this day. Keeping up with the latest changes in design, coding and marketing tricks is Eric's forte. If there is a way to effectively market a site in today's difficult internet marketing landscape, Eric will find it and help you use it to your advantage.

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